“Snakes shed their skin every three weeks. It allows them to renew their identity and leave the outer shell behind. We cannot leave our outer shell behind. Our skin bears the imprint of the memories of our lives”

Playful, didactic, beautiful and highly skilled, Natalie Inside Out is a unique collaboration between world-class hand-balancer Natalie Reckert and digital artist Mark Morreau, using technology and video projections to turn our conventional ideas of circus upside down and inside out. Literally.

Fusing circus and interactive technologies to examine the inner workings and fragmentation of the body, Natalie and Mark playfully investigate the relationship between the actual, and the mediatised body. Exploring the intersection of live acrobatic performance, close up video and spoken word, they embed movement on stage into projected landscapes on screen, to reveal the underlying mechanics, emotions and motivations of the circus body.

Next performance of Natalie Inside Out is in Sheffield, November 4th 2021. Click here for details.

  • Natalie Reckert in Handstand against projected background of black and white patterned lines